division Name (applied product) date Application No.
Patent The portable purge system for processing residual gas and process residual gas removal method 2021.03.26 제 10-2020-0063835
Patent The portable purge system for processing residual gas 2021.03.26 제 10-2235005호
Patent The gas supply system for semiconductor process 2018.06.08 제 10-1868316호
Patent The chemical leak detecting apparatus using the corrosion detection sensor 2015.05.29 제 10-1525782호
Patent The container for the hydrogen purification, and reactor and hydrogen purification method 2015.02.25 제 10-1497952호
Patent The ammonia purification process method 2014.12.22 제 2013-0028686호
Patent The corrosion detection sensor and corrosion detection method 2014.07.30 제 2011-0122265호
Patent The process gas distribution device having gas leakage inspection function 2014.07.25 제2012-0046049호
Certification ISO 9001: 2015/KS Q ISO 9001: 2015 Certified 2014.04 KECR-233Q
Certification PT(pressure transducer) CE Certificate 2013.11 EC1282-1S131126.LAG3249
Certification PT internal pressure explosion proof Certificate (Ex dII T6) 2015.09 15-GA2BO-0623(가스안전공사)
Certification PT essential safety Certificate (Ex ia IIC T4) 2020.09 20-KA2BO-0770(KTL)
Certification GP(gas purifier) explosion proof certificate (Ex px IIC T4) 2018.10.23 18-GA2BO-01531X(가스안전공사)
Recognition Venture business recognition 2014.12 제2015112700호
Recognition Research & Development institute 2015.05 제20140113546호