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PPS (Portable Purge System)

Portable Purge System (PPS) is the apparatus of safe and conveniently processing the residual gas. It is a new device for fast and safe purging of dangerous process gas remaining inside the gas supply line when performing tasks such as relocation, dismantling, replacement and repair of semiconductor and display manufacturing process equipment.
In order to remove residual gas, gas is discharged through a gas treatment device installed at the rear end of existing equipment, clean gas is put in again, leakage inspection is carried out, and work is carried out. So, it takes a lot of time to remove, dismantle, replace, and repair the process equipment, and there was a lot of unnecessary waiting time, but PPS can solve all problems. The device is the world's first invention designed to simultaneously perform gas purifier, gas cabinet, and gas scrubber.
Patent (특허) No. 10-2236006

시스템 특성과 안전성

The apparatus comprises: a leak check, a flow control, a cycle purge, and a safety device which are functions of a gas cabinet, a gas purifier having a purification function of 99.999999% (8Nine) or more, and a gas scrubber using a high- performance cartridge column for safely removing dangerous residual gas in a plumbing. It is the world's first invention with the ability to discharge processed gas using a blower.