Recruit Process

Recruitment procedure

  • Interviews with working-level staff if necessary
  • Proceeding after the announcement of employment on the company homepage, recruitment site, etc.

Application form

  • You must download and submit your application.
  • Send the application form via email. (State: Name/Support)
  • Basic submission documents : Certificate of resume & self introduction, career description (career), graduation (planned) certificate, transcript, certificate of certification
  • Information collection and consent guidance

Please fill out a personal information collection and consent form and submit it together when applying for employment to our company. The collection and use of personal information will be used for document screening and interviews, and after the purpose of use is achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay.

Employment support

  • Please accept it through the employment support system according to the opening of our recruitment homepage.


  • E-mail

  • E-Mail

  • Phone


  • Fax


Welfare system

  • Annual salary system operation

    We are implementing an annual salary system for all employees in accordance with the will of the CEO to treat the corresponding treatment as much as we have tried.

  • Incentive system implementation

    We pay performance bonuses based on business performance and individual evaluation.

  • Leaders Honor Award

    Every year, we select proud talent and award 'Leaders Impression’

  • Congratulations, Vacation support system

    We are supporting vacation and expenses for the congratulatory event.

  • Health checkup

    We are conducting regular health checkups to maintain the health of our employees and prevent diseases.

  • Dormitory operation

    We operate dormitories for unmarried employees, remote exits, and employees.