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HVPE (Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy)

HVPE(Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy): Metal(aluminum, Al) or semiconductor(Gallium, Ga, Indium, In) reacts with hydrochloric acid gas(HCl) and produces gas-stated gallium chloride(GaCl).
It is sent to a reaction chamber and then reacts with ammonia gas(NH3) at above1000℃. After that, on the surface of sapphire wafer is grown nitride compound(AlN, GaN)

HVPE기술의 특징

  • Flexible growth rates, from 1 ㎛/hour (for submicron layer control) to1000 ㎛/hour (for fast buffer layer growth)

  • Low defect density (from 105 to 108/cm2)

  • Wide range of layer thickness up to 100 ㎛

  • Cost effective templates for device manufacturing

  • P and N type doped materials are available

  • Low cost of ownership (No metal organics, and low usage rate for Gaseous reactant materials such as HCl and NH3)

  • Growth of novel materials (AlGaN/GaN, InGaN/GaN, InN and AlN))