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GL Exi-Series (Explosion Protection Pressure Transducer)

The GL EXi-series is extremely low internal volume and excellent long-term stability as utilizing sensor available for UHP pressure transducers, sputtered Metal Thin Film Technology. It enables them to be used under dangerous and harsh conditions (Zone 0~2) on specialty gas installations. Applications are gas supply system, gas distribution system, process tools.

특징 / 주요 사양

  • Ex protection / Ignition protection type (Ex ia IIC T4)

  • CE Certified / RoHS compliant

  • Superior Long Term Stability (instability and output errors due to Joule-Thomson effects (cooling effects))

  • Hastelloy Diaphragm for corrosive gases, Stainless Steel 316L (double-melted available)

  • The circuits are isolated from external interferences with EMI / EMC filters

  • Electro-polished Stainless steel 316L gas-wetted materials and Cleaning and Package in classroom zone

  • ±0.1% Repeatability, ±0.25% Accuracy

  • Products are designed with specific functional industry standards (ISA, SEMI, SEMASPEC, ASTM, ASME, FM Approval)